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Business. Consulting. Law. Limited Liability Company

Business. Consulting. Law. Limited Liability Company. Moscow.



Our services

  • Registration of transactions with real estate
  • Permission to employ foreign workers
  • Accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign compa
  • Registration of media
  • Federal Committee of Stocks
  • Registration of private joint-stock companies
  • Registration of non-commercial entities
  • Registration of limited liability companies


  • Legal Services

    We offer a wide choice of services to individuals and companies. Legal assistance. Legal conclusions and consultations of our experts. Accounting. For details please visit our resource.

    Юридические услуги
    Полезная информация Useful Information

    Do you want to register a company yourself? Which documents are you to submit? How to become an independent entrepreneur? Do you want to know more of trademarks? Or do you want to know how to privatize the apartment you live in? You can find all information you need at Useful Information.


    All companies must have an accountant. Even companies operating under the ‘simple’ taxation regime have to apply to bookkeepers. However, sometimes it is not reasonable, especially for a small company, to hire a professional accountant on permanent basis.

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