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Business. Consulting. Law. Limited Liability Company

Business. Consulting. Law. Limited Liability Company. Moscow.



Our services

  • Registration of transactions with real estate
  • Permission to employ foreign workers
  • Accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign compa
  • Registration of media
  • Federal Committee of Stocks
  • Registration of private joint-stock companies
  • Registration of non-commercial entities
  • Registration of limited liability companies


  • Registration of non-commercial entities

    Price - RUR 13 000

    The service includes:
    - Consultations and recommendations on matters of entity registration.
    - Preparation of full set of documents.
    - Opening of an accumulative account with any bank in Moscow.
    - Registration of the entity with taxation authorities of Moscow.
    - Approval of the seal outline.
    - Manufacture of one seal.
    - Registration of Statistics codes.
    - Obtaining of notifications from Pensions Committee, Medical Insurance Committee and Social Security Committee.
    - Opening of settlement accounts and currency accounts.

    Information necessary for entity registration:
    1. Passport details of incorporators, Director and Accountant;
    2. The name of future entity;
    3. Kinds of future activity (we advise to choose them from the official list of activities);
    4. The amount of the Authorized Capital and distribution of shares.
    5. Documents relating to the address at which the registered office will be situated.
    6. The name of the bank where accounts will be opened.

    1-5 business days - Preparation of set of documents necessary for entity registration . 2 business days - Opening of the accumulative account (in case the Authorized Capital is formed of money). 5 business days - Registration with taxation authorities Moscow and then 2-3 business days - Manufacture of the seal and registration of codes with Official Statistics Committee. Registration with Pensions Committee, Medical Insurance Committee and Social Security Committee will be conducted within 5-60 business days.

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